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Make data your secret weapon by gaining insights into your business and making better decisions. We use on-premise and cloud infrastructure, along with the latest AI tools, to tailor data solutions to your needs.

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At Booleandata, we help enterprises maximize the value of complex data ecosystems with advanced Data Science, AI, & ML services. We provide consulting, engineering, and software solutions covering the entire data application and management spectrum.
Our machine learning expertise includes supervised, unsupervised, and deep learning capabilities. We will help you choose the right algorithms & realistic models best suited for your problem.

Key Partnerships

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Data Science and Cloud Computing

Data Science

To be successful with data science, you must develop a strategy that begins with your business objectives. We leverage R, Python, or other cutting-edge tools available in the industry to analyze your data and create robust machine-learning models. So you achieve increased analysis and more significant insights within the tools you currently know by incorporating these ML models into your current reporting platform.

Cloud Computing

Our Cloud computing enables our clients to deploy their applications more quickly without extensive maintenance, which the service provider has always managed. This also leads to greater utilization of computing resources per an organization’s shifting needs and requirements.

Competitive Advantage of Boolean Data

Make Better

We help you demonstrate the value of the institution’s data to facilitate improved decision-making processes across the entire organization, through measuring, tracking, and getting insights from data.

Efficiency and productivity gains

We will enable you to minimize costs associated with mundane, repeatable tasks that can be performed by technology while maximizing the talents of your human resour.


We help you eliminate repetitive business processes, particularly those that do not depend on human judgment and can be replaced with faster and more efficient software.

Experts in
the industry

Our inter-disciplinary mix of computer science experts and data scientists can help design and implement new algorithms in cases where none of the existing libraries suffice.

Client Testimonials

– CTO & Chief Data Officer

Within a year of our launch, we added more than 20 data sources for our micro lending platforms. These included complex data from core banking systems, mobile and geo data from our partners and a variety of confidential data from different sources. Data engineering is a critical component to process data from all these sources for our data analytics to run and provide scoring for our customers. Boolean’s team did amazing job in putting together a solution that was scalable and robust. Thank you team !!

Boolean Data Science Services

We build data pipelines from multiple data sources fed into a series of custom-tailored models and visualized. The result is a robust solution capable of providing business insight and research analysis while automating time-consuming database operations and prototype tuning.

How will Our Services Benefit you?

We will work collaboratively with your subject matter experts to choose the right AI services and accelerators and build customized AI solutions geared towards your particular use cases.

We guide you through the entire process, working closely with your company, its challenges, strategy, and any questions you may have. Let’s look at some of the fields we can help your business with:

Data Science
Extract knowledge and insights from noisy, structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, and apply actionable insights from data across a broad range of application domains.
Natural language Processing (NLP)
By combining our strong machine learning skills with our expertise in entity extraction, sentiment analysis, and topic modeling, we are able to develop NLP applications that improve process efficiency, customer experience, and retention.
Computer Vision & Audio Analysis
Leverage signal processing and deep learning to capture deeper insights into your image, audio, or video data​. Face detection/authentication, emotion analysis, text extraction, image captioning…these leading use cases that fall right within our expertise.
Cloud AI Services
Streamline and accelerate the ML model development and deployment process by using both real-time and batch data processing. AI/ML use cases and various cloud-based machine learning techniques such as AutoML, Hyperparameter Optimization, and Bot Services.

The Boolean Workflow for Implementing Data Science Solutions

Data Discovery

We start by building a high-level understanding of your company and its business domain. Then we define the business problem and identify data sources.


The most labor-intensive step involves preprocessing data based on the analysis requirement. Data is checked for missing values, inconsistencies are deleted, and datasets are normalized so they can be explored.

Data Exploration

During this stage, we develop an intuition for the data, identify important variables and their relationships, detect outliers, check assumptions, and choose appropriate modeling techniques.

Data Modeling

Based on the insights from EDA, we develop models—from simple regression to deep learning. After multiple iterations, the most suitable model is created. These models are then validated and approved by our domain experts.


Based on the insights from EDA, we develop models—from simple regression to deep learning. After multiple iterations, the most suitable model is created. These models are then validated and approved by our domain experts.

Let Us Help you Reduce Time to Value with Our Data Engineering Services

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