Accelerate and Automate your
Data Modernization Efforts
using Boolean Tools

Snowflake Cost Estimator

Snowflake Operational Cost

Boolean Data Systems Snowflake cost estimator is developed to help enterprises to know their Snowflake consumption costs.

Data Engineering

Develop a Data Pipeline without writing a single line of code

With Boolean’s Semi Automated Data Pipeline builder, building a data pipeline is as easy as filling an excel sheet.

Data Engineering

Continuous Data Quality monitoring made easy

With Boolean’s Quality Automation Accelerator, users can now define Data Quality Rules and trigger notifications across schemas

Data Science

Predict on time deliveries, forecast demand, plan shipments and improve profitability 

With Boolean’s Accelerators and ML as a service solutions for logistics Industries

Data Science

Predict product sales, forecast demand, efficiently plan inventory and create a wow customer experience with Boolean’s Data Accelerators for Retail Industry

Leverage Snowflake to consolidate…

Data Science

Enhancing Equipment Reliability through Data-Driven Insights

Accelerate Implementation of Predictive Maintenance with No-code Environment

Data Science

AI Models to Combat Financial Fraud

Prevent fraud in real time to increase customer trust, decrease operational costs and detect fraudulent patterns at scale using artificial intelligence.

Data Engineering

Know Every Aspect of Your Snowflake

With Boolean’s Snowflake Health Check Accelerator, users can easily access the data. Whether you’re an IT administrator…..

Data Science

AdTech Revenue Prediction

Predict AdTech revenue by focusing on market trends, competitor data, customer behavior, and technological advancements

About Boolean Data

Boolean Data Systems is a Snowflake Select Services partner that implements solutions on cloud platforms. we help enterprises make better business decisions with data and solve real-world business analytics and data problems.

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1255 Peachtree Parkway, Suite #4204, Alpharetta, GA 30041, USA.
Ph. : +1 678-261-8899
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