Transform Complex Data into
Easy-to-Understand Visuals.

Your business data can communicate critical insights if it’s visualized the right way. Embrace the power of visualization and take your business to the next level by discovering key patterns, significant trends, and compelling correlations.

Reports Creation is the Art of Providing Information in a Quick and Comprehensible way.

For our clients, we prepare data visualizations in transparent and engaging formats so that they can be used quickly and effectively. With solutions like these, we’re able to make a meaningful contribution to projects that use visual data.
When clients need to communicate complex data clearly and intuitively to a targeted audience, we design sleek statistical graphs, charts, information graphics, and more. Automated reporting offers an effective, time-saving layout that can be used over and over. All your complex data, numbers, and confusing reports can start making sense if you use the right data platforms, business intelligence solutions, and visualization techniques.
For our clients, we prepare data visualizations in transparent and engaging forms so that they can be used quickly and effectively. Thanks to such solutions, we have a real impact on the success of projects that use visualized data.
When clients need to communicate complex data clearly and intuitively to a targeted audience, we design sleek statistical graphs, charts, information graphics, and more.

Why Boolean Data ?

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We help you demonstrate the value of the institution’s data to facilitate improved decision-making processes across the entire organization, through measuring, tracking, and getting insights from information.

Support &

Our partnership
goes beyond implementation with prompt support
& maintenance that drive user adoption & enable
you to extract optimal value from your data. We’re
experts that care!

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We help you build
intuitive dashboards & reports that can be accessed on every device. Our result-oriented team enables your business to evolve into
a mobile-first, digitally connected enterprise.

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We are a top-rated
technology partner with an agile team, specializing in powerful visualization tools.

How will our services benefit you?

Through a collaborative approach, our team analyzes your unique business needs before designing a custom BI/visualization solution, offering advice about the best BI tools, techniques, and technology stack.
We guide you through the entire process, working closely with your company, its challenges, strategy, and any questions you may have. Let’s look at some of the fields we can help your business with:

Exploratory Analysis

Extract knowledge and insights from
noisy, structured, semi-structured, and
unstructured data, and apply knowledge and
actionable insights from data across a broad range of application domains for analysis and processing.

KPI Reporting

We help you choose the best of the BI tools that
suit your business needs and create intuitive dashboards that track your KPIs. These metrics are
primarily aligned to business objectives and will track how well your business manages against these measurements.

Real Time Dashboards

We provide real time performance insights that
help you stay on top of your successes and setbacks by visualizing your most important KPIs across multiple systems and departments

Dashboard Optimization

By optimizing the data source, environment,
and model, we are able to deliver BI dashboards
that meet your needs. This enables you to
enhance your day-to-day operations using ML-driven intelligence and to transform your
operations into data-driven processes.

We provide companies with reliable solutions
using open-source and commercially trusted technologies.

Key Partnerships

Additionally, we work with

A Boolean Workflow for Telling Visual Stories

Collect Data

The first and most important step of data visualization is gathering the right data. To get the real picture, we collect data that reflects the real state of affairs.

Clean Data

Some of the most basic data transformations involve the mapping
and translation of data. Translation converts data
from formats used in one system to formats
appropriate for a different system.

Choose A Chart

Charts and graphs
should be chosen depending on the type of data and evidence to be presented. We use the most popular data modeling and mapping techniques for our comprehensive data visualization services.

Prepare Data

After the chart is finalized it may be necessary to transform the data as per requirements. Tasks associated with data preparation include finalizing data columns,
grouping data, and creating aggregate values for

Visualize Data

Finally, you’ll have the necessary data for creating the visualizations. After that, we apply the visualization skills to the
prepared data and present the data in charts or
graphs with meaningful insights.

Client Testimonials

– CTO & Chief Data Officer

Within a year of our launch, we added more than 20 data sources for our micro lending platforms. These included complex data from core banking systems, mobile and geo data from our partners and a variety of confidential data from different sources. Data engineering is a critical component to process data from all these sources for our data analytics to run and provide scoring for our customers. Boolean’s team did amazing job in putting together a solution that was scalable and robust. Thank you team !!

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