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Upgrade your Data Architecture

We have a unique strategy for dealing with corporate data issues with our extensive data engineering and analytics expertise and creating cloud-native solutions. We combine this experience with our in-depth understanding of Snowflake to assist businesses in becoming data-focused corporate firms.

The most effective innovations are those that make lives easier for individuals while fostering significant advantages. Our learning is more comprehensive than creating business strategies. It also lives in code and solutions. We concretize it.

Our Services

Boolean Data Systems has end-to-end services for Data engineering and Cloud. We accompany you at every step of the way on the pipeline to a data-driven business, from concepts to development and operations.

Data Engineering

Design, build & Operationalize Data Platforms powered by Cloud

Data Science, AI & Machine Learning

Address business problems by leveraging AI, ML and Data Science

Data Transformation

Transform your data without compromising on quality. MDM, Governance and Thought Leadership

Reporting & Visualization

AI-driven, visual, geo, and streaming analytics delivered by an intelligent, scalable, corporate platform.

Managed Services

Operate, automate & support your data platforms and get the most value on your cloud & data investments

Staff Augmentation

Run your Data Projects with our certified experts across onshore, offshore and nearshore.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

Engineers Onshore, offshore and nearshore

Certified Data Engineers

Certified Cloud Engineers

Fortune 100 Clients

Data & Cloud Accelerators

Customer Success Stories


Boolean’s team was very instrumental in designing and implementing our shared data set’s on SnowFlake for our customers.
Boolean’s team chipped at a time when our partners were growing and we had massive amounts of datasets that we are consuming from different platforms. Our data science team was struggling to get them in a form where our models can run.
Boolean’s proposed approach to share the data with our customers was also very innovative and helped us create new revenue models that are based on data consumption and usage.


The key challenge was in consolidating data across our solar and wind power investments across the globe.
Today we have real time data on our performance, generation, revenue, load and all other key parameters that help our central monitoring station stay upto date.
Integrating IoT data with our 12 different accounting systems across the globe was the challenge. Boolean’s team had solved our challenge and delivered data on time. Kudo’s to the team.

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Boolean Data Systems is a Snowflake select services partner that provides innovative data cloud solutions to help enterprises make better business decisions with data and solve real-world business analytics and data problems.
We are Digital METAMORPHOSIS experts who help businesses achieve value from data and get faster results on cloud investments.


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