Meet Boolean Data Systems Team @ AWS re: Invent Conference

NOV. 28 – DEC. 2, 2022 | LAS VEGAS, NV

This Conference brings together cloud experts to discuss how new products and innovations can help you transform your business and take advantage of deep-dive seminars led by cloud specialists to advance your understanding of the cloud.

If you are starting with Snowflake or are in the middle of implementation, Boolean Data Systems has a team of Data Engineers to assist you to forward your snowflake journey smoothly.

We also have an accelerated program with 90-Day No Obligation Consulting and POCs to give you hands-on experience with Snowflake and how your data stack can improve significantly on the cloud.

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About Boolean Data Systems

Boolean Data Systems is a Snowflake Select Services partner that implements solutions on cloud platforms. we help enterprises make better business decisions with data and solve real-world business analytics and data problems.

Head Quarters

1255 Peachtree Parkway, Suite #4204, Alpharetta, GA 30041, USA.
Ph. : +1 678-261-8899
Fax : (470) 560-3866