Develop a Data Pipeline without
writing a single line of code

With Boolean’s Semi Automated Data Pipeline builder, building a data pipeline is as easy as filling an excel sheet.

Automated Snowflake Data Pipeline Builder

We believe data pipeline creation should be easy for both business and technical users. This vision motivated us to build an accelerator that can be easily used by both technical and business users to configure and create new data pipelines using a simple CSV file. Configure source columns, mapping and destination details and let the accelerator take care of everything.

Reduce time to develop and configure a
data pipeline
Easily rework or reconfigure the data pipeline without any code or complex ETL jobs
Don’t need deep technical knowledge or ETL knowledge. All you need to know is how to fill an excel file properly.
Visualize the pipeline configuration and data flow in Streamlit
Reduce cost of development and ETL tool licensing.
Boolean’s Data Pipeline Accelerator Includes

Easy to use Visual configurator

Easy to configure the data pipeline using CSV and Excel files.

Faster deployment times

Reduce cost of ETL tools and licensing

Easy to use for both technical and non technical users

Easy to reconfigure the pipeline based on the changes in the configurations.

Easy Configuration of source and Destination columns and data sources.

Can also be extended to continuous and incremental migration or data as well as one time data migration

Can also be extended/upgraded to seamlessly add transformation logic

Can add multiple data sources from different applications/databases

Awesome visualizations that can be customized as per your need using streamlit.

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Get Started with the Data Pipeline Builder Accelerator
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