Predict Product Sales, Forecast Demand, Efficiently Plan Inventory and Create a WoW customer Experience with Boolean’s Data Accelerators for Retail Industry.

Leverage Snowflake to consolidate all Omnichannel Retail data into a central data lake and kick start your data modernization journey. Let AI, ML and Advanced Analytics help you forecast your demand and recommend your plan of action while you focus on creating a great customer experience.

Snowflake Retail Industry AI Accelerator

Omnichannel retail and advancements of retail technolgoies have created a great opportunity – data. But these data sources are siloed across different applications and its time we bring them all into Snowflake. Boolean’s accelerators help in migrating existing data and build pipelines and ETL’s frameworks to continuously move the data into snowflake and the Analytics, Data Science models with AI and ML will help business with demand forecasting, sales predictions, inventory planning and several other data focused business use cases.

Advanced Demand Forecasting
Product Sales Predictions to the level of Item, Color, Size and SKU classification
Sales and Inventory Quantifications across channels and product categories and to the level of individual product
Customer Classification, Journey prediction and Profiling for product recommendations in ECommerce Channels
Key Business Insights and Data Analytics

Boolean’s Retail Industry AI Accelerator Includes

Data Pipelines to injest data from sources to Snowflake

ML and AI models for Demand Forecasting

AI and ML models for On Time Delivery Predictions and Optimization recommendations

Dashboards in PowerBI and Streamlit to observe and monitor the overall performance and profitability

Product Classification and Predictions on sales and profitabilities

Customer Quantification, Journey mapping and Customer profiling

Product recommendations for ecommerce channels

Awesome Dashboards for better business insights.

Industry Insights

Architecture Diagram of Retail Industry AI Accelerator

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