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Meet the team whose endeavors and vision
have driven our innovation & success.


Here in Boolean Data we firmly believe that our employees are an indispensable part of our growth. We value them as our important assets in the company.

We are devoted to your success and advancement to continually add value. Our seasoned executive team inspires and influences with their decades of experience in solving complex business network challenges and bringing forth excellence.

Meet Our Team

Kiran Yarlagadda


As a CEO, Kiran is responsible for Boolean Data Systems Goals, Strategy, Leadership hiring, and market expansion.

Akash Deep

Head of Sales

As a Head of Sales, Akash is responsible for adding new clients and Initiating the go-to-market strategy for Boolean Data Systems. He is proficient in leading start-up ventures, implementing SOPs, and customer relationship management,

Rahul Asthana

Head Of Marketing

As a Head of Marketing, Rahul organizes and manages marketing campaigns to raise awareness of Boolean Data Systems and generate demand for products and services. He is a big fan of startup culture, innovation, and new ideas.

Our Culture

Be a part of something marvelous

Our culture has always been an important part of who we are as a company, connecting the curious nature that got us started with the spirit of innovation that propels us forward.

Our people are the foundation of our strong culture. It is what distinguishes us. How does it feel to work at Boolean Data? People are enthusiastic. They are willing to put the efforts to help our customers win and ultimately make a difference in society.

About Boolean Data

Boolean Data Systems is a Snowflake Select Services partner that implements solutions on cloud platforms. we help enterprises make better business decisions with data and solve real-world business analytics and data problems.

Head Quarters

1255 Peachtree Parkway, Suite #4204, Alpharetta, GA 30041, USA.
Ph. : +1 678-261-8899
Fax : (470) 560-3866