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With Boolean’s Snowflake Health Check Accelerator, users can easily access the data. Whether you’re an IT administrator, a data analyst, or a business user, our accelerator is a valuable tool for ensuring the reliability and performance of your Snowflake account.

Snowflake Health Check Accelerator

Snowflake Health Check Accelerator is a valuable tool for any organization that uses Snowflake for data warehousing and analytics. 

It provides a comprehensive view of the health of your Snowflake account, allowing you to monitor and optimize your workloads, prevent potential issues from arising, and ensure that your Snowflake environment is running at its peak performance.

Monitor and assess the health of Snowflake
Provides a comprehensive view of system metrics and KPIs.
Ensure reliability and performance of your Snowflake account.
Identify potential bottlenecks and optimize
Ensure that the Snowflake Environment is running at its peak efficiency.

Boolean’s Snowflake Health Check Accelerator Includes

An easy-to-use tool and dashboard provide a user-friendly UI that enables users to access the data quickly.

The Account page provides primary data about your account, such as the edition, region, and database details.

The Storage page includes detailed data about your account's storage with database storage consumption.

The Warehouse page contains data about the warehouses in your account, including the credits consumed by each warehouse and all the warehouses created in your account.

The Roles page provides data about the roles in your account, including the role hierarchy, reader account, and orphan roles.

And the Miscellaneous page provides all the data about procedures, UDFs, logins of the account, and query details.

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