Predict On Time Deliveries, Forecast Demand, Plan Shipments and Improve Profitability

With Boolean’s Accelerators and ML as a Service Solutions for logistics Industries, captive Logistics Teams and 3PL players can leverage data to make better decisions and improve profitability.

Logistics Industry AI Predictions

The Dynamic Supply Chain and Logistics industry is very volatile and its time business leverage data and the power of advance data analytics to forecast demand, plan operations and ultimately drive profitability. Boolean’s team of data engineers and data scientists have helped several customers with Captive logistics teams and dedicated 3PL players to leverage data in multiple ways. Our accelerators have few predefined models that come out of the box and our team is ready to build new models and analytics for every business use case.

Advanced Demand Forecasting
Exploratory Data Analysis Across Data Sets
On Time Delivery Predictions
Advanced Route Planning and Cost Analysis
Profitability Dashboards

Boolean’s Logistics Industry AI Predictions Accelerator Includes

Data Pipelines to injest data from sources to Snowflake

ML and AI models for Demand Forecasting

AI and ML models for On Time Delivery Predictions and Optimization recommendations

Dashboards in PowerBI and Streamlit to observe and monitor the overall performance and profitability Route optimization Models

Predictive Analytics for most of the data models

Easy to Integrate and Configure External Incident Reporting Systems and Alerting Applications

Real time tracking and monitoring of shipments

Industry Insights

Architecture Diagram of Logistics Industry AI Predictions Accelerator

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